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When searching for a mortgage, you must look at the rate and the fees associated with it. Some lenders may not disclose all that information up front. All of our fees are precisely shown in the quote results. There will be no surprises or extra charges at the time of closing.

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Our website is connected directly to the mortgage market, giving you the most accurate rates every time you run a quote. After reviewing your quote, you can apply immediately. Once you submit the required documentation, you may get qualified within 24 hours. If you are qualified, you will then be cleared to lock.

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There are no risks for you to begin the loan application. We do not charge "Application or Appraisal" fees to start your loan process. You do not pay for the appraisal until locking or submission to underwriting.


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Quote ID: HLE170566

February 15, 2012

"My previous refinance effort left a very bad taste because American Nationwide Mortgage didn't honor their promise of a no cost, no point loan. I ended up paying approx. $1,000 out of my pocket. I am so glad to have found Jimmy Trinh at Home Loan Enterprise to help me with my refinance needs. He is the most honest and straight forward broker I have ever worked with. He promised me a Super Conforming 30 year fixed loan at 4% with a a net credit of $4K towards NRCC items. And he was accurate on his calculations down to the pennies. During the process, subordination on HELCO took a bit longer than expected. Even though it was no fault of Home Loan Enterprise they took care of extending the rate lock at no charge. Now that is called standing behind their promise. If you are looking to refinance and you don't give these guys a call, the loss is yours. I am truly impressed. I was handled very well with patience and good work. Thanks!"

- Alpesh, California

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Quote ID: HLE170357

February 13, 2012

"After multiple refinancing with same lender for about ten years, I fortunately came across HLE. Jimmy, my personal loan consultant, was highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and courteous from the very first phone call to closing. Thanks to Jimmy and HLE for outstanding customer services. I know where to go for all future mortgage needs".

- AK, California

"I know where to go for all future mortgage needs". - AK READ MORE
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